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eCopy  Paperworks has been discontinued as of March 31st 2013
 The NEW and upgraded software is eCopy PDF Pro Office 
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Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office                                  Buy PDF Pro OfficeeCopy PDF Pro V 6.11       Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office
After you download and upload eCopy PDF Pro Office turn on 3 tool bars. Click on View, scroll down to Toolbars, then put a check mark next to Comment, Advanced, and Standard. Then, click once again View, scroll down to toolbars, Show button labels and put a check mark next to Show button labels. 
This version of eCopy software known as PDF Pro Office is finally
as easy to use as  Desktop 8.x and 9.x and Paperworks   

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Buy PDF Pro OfficeeCopy PDF Pro V 6.11
Release Date November 26 2012
Scan, Capture, Edit, Save, Retrieve

eCopy PDF Pro

eCopy PDF Pro Office

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2003, 2007 and
2010, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office 365, OpenText
eDOCS 5.3, 6, [Hummingbird Enterprise™ 5.3 and 6, Autonomy®-
Interwoven® WorkSite 8.3, 8.5 and 9, Livelink® ECM - Enterprise Server
9.7 and 10, NetDocuments SaaS cloud storage, Worlddox® GX2, EMC2
Documentum 6.5, Xerox® DocuShare 6 and 6.5, and Therefore 2012.
Save documents to DMSs quickly and easily from the Save As menu, from
Portfolio view, or directly from Internet Explorer®.

Automatic Document Assembly from Microsoft Office
Append to open PDF, or create new
Faster stamp creation and application
Select area and create stamp model with a single click
One-click application of a stamp to all pages
Fast access to Document Management Systems
Save to DMS from PDF Portfolios
Integration with Internet Explorer to create and save PDF to DMS
Preferred file folder shortcuts in Open and Save
Set preferred folder to Open from and Save to
Quickly search files in selected folders for quick retrieval

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new Features in ecopy PDF Pro office 6
  • Advanced Edit mode converts and displays your document in a word processor-like interface, allowing for faster and more fluid editing right from the PDF application
  • Connect to your documents in the cloud or document management systems, right from the “open” and “Save As” menus
  • Create and verify PDF/A compliance through the new Compliance Checker, and resolve issues with a single click
  •  Combine PDF and Microsoft office documents quickly with automatic document assembly
  •  Add notes to PDF documents simply by speaking, with Dragon® notes

Scott Salisbury,
Jun 21, 2013, 4:11 AM